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Update your book details
Update your book details

We can change, fix and edit some details after publishing.

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Your book details are all the information about your book — including the title, description, keywords, prices and categories. It's possible to change some of these details after publishing. Here's what can be changed, and what can't.

A note of warning: Changes can help your book. For example, switching to a more accurate bookstore category can mean your readers have an easier time finding you.

But there are risks. Changes take time to appear, can appear on some stores before others, or — if they happen a lot — cause distribution issues. A good rule of thumb is to only make crucial updates, and make them only occasionally.

Details that can be changed

There are two types of details we can change:

  • Details that don't appear in your book or on its cover. These include your bookstore categories or book description.

  • Details that appear in your book and on its cover. If your changes include details that appear in your book and on its cover, you should change the details in your book and on its cover too. More on that here →

Details that can't be changed

There are changes that can't be made unless you unpublish and republish your book. These include your book ISBN and publication date.

A note on pre-order dates:

  • If your book is open for pre-orders, you can change your future release date.

  • Pre-ordered books begin printing up to two weeks before a release date.

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