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Update your book pages or cover
Update your book pages or cover

You can update your published book or publish a new edition.

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When distribution is on-demand, your book never has to be out of date. Fix typos or add chapters to your book and easily publish them for new readers. Here's how to update your book, and what will happen.

A word of warning: It’s best for your book if you update it only occasionally. There isn't a way to recall books or ask stores to return earlier editions. Also, frequent changes can cause distribution issues, such as extended printing and shipping times.

Update your book

You can update your book any time after publishing. To update a book on Tablo, open your book and edit and make changes as normal.

Changes you make on Tablo will remain on Tablo only, until you publish them.

Publish your changes

To publish your updates, send us a message or email us. We will use your updated book on Tablo to prepare and publish new digital and print editions.

To do this, we swap in new book files with our printer. After the swap any bookstores ordering new print copies will be sent the new edition.

Costs and impacts

The cost to update is US $49 (AU $69) or US $29 to update an eBook only.

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