Track your sales without leaving Tablo. All Tablo authors can access continually updated sales data from their own personal sales dashboard. Here's how to find it, and what data is there.

Sales basics

A sale is an order made by a bookstore or library. Orders happen in three steps:

  1. A bookstore or library places an order for copies with our distributor.

  2. Our distributor prints your book, packages it, and sends it to the bookstore.

  3. The sale is reported to Tablo, and we show the sale on your dashboard.

We can report print sales quickly — usually within 3-4 days. eBook sales are less quick to appear. These are reported to Tablo once month.

See your sales

You can view your sales data on Tablo after publishing. From your My Books page, click Sales and Insights beside your book.

Browse the data

All your data is lives here. See sales and estimated royalties for any period, or analyse trends.

  • At the top are your total books sold, estimated royalties and sales by format. 90 days is the default view. You can see Last 90 days selected at the right. Change the day range by selecting Latest Day, Last 30 days or Last 365 days.

  • At the bottom left is Latest Sales. This is all your sales, sorted by book type, sales channel type, and country. A royalty estimate is included too.

  • At the bottom right are two data insights. You can see Earnings by Book Type and Readers by Country.


What is a sale exactly?

A sale means your book has been printed. Each sale is a new print order. Bookstores order copies, and the books are then printed and sent.

What is not a sale?

You don't see a sale if a bookstore sells a book they had already, or if someone buys a used copy of your book.

How often is the data updated?

Data is updated daily, so you'll always have the most recent store order information.

Can I see my pre-order sales numbers?

Currently there isn't a way to do this. There is no reporting available from our distribution partner that will show pre-orders submitted by bookstores.

I know readers are buying my book, but I have no recent sales. Why?

Recent sales can need time to appear. When you see a sale, it means your book has been printed. A reader can order a book before it is printed. Their order is taken by the store, and the copies print a few days later.

If it is not recent, it can be that readers are purchasing books that were already printed. You haven't made a sale now, but did you make a sale for the orders that supplied these bookstores.

Bookstores often order more books than they need immediately. It means they can get books into the next reader's hands faster.

Why did my sales drop suddenly?

Some sales may have moved out of view. Your dashboard defaults to showing you sales from the last 90 days. Click Last 365 days at the top left to reveal older sales.

What does "Wholesale" mean?

Wholesale means a sale to a bookstore.

Who ordered my book?

We aren't told. The information is kept private, and is not included in the data we receive.

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