Tablo is a publishing platform for real books. We make it simple to publish and sell in stores in eBook, paperback and hardcover. It's the easiest, widest-reaching and most enjoyable way to become a published author.

What can I do with Tablo?

If you are planning a book, writing or book or looking for somewhere to publish your book, you can use Tablo to:

  • Create: Create a book from scratch in seconds with our free book editor. Rearrange chapters by dragging them into place, apply formatting styles with a click, and transform the look of your book by switching the book theme.

  • Continue writing: Upload your writing, and we will transform it into a Tablo book for you to continue working on. We support Microsoft Word documents.

  • Publish file-free: When you are done writing click to choose a plan. Tablo will assemble your writing and publish it as a real book, with an ISBN, and sold in over 39,000 stores with Ingram's distribution.

  • Publish a PDF: Upload your PDF, preview it, and publish it to stores in three steps.

Who uses Tablo?

  • Part-time and casual writers who write for fun and enjoy expressing themselves. They publish for their friends, their family or their community.

  • Indie writers looking to go professional. These writers are ambitious — they want to find readers, earn money, and create an author business.

  • Successful multi-book author-entrepreneurs who have mastered book writing and promotion and run their own author business.

  • Professionals and leaders who have a personal brand to build upon, and a following that's already primed to pay for their insights or first-hand knowledge.

  • Experts in a niche field who are wired in to their audience. Our deep distribution networks help them find readers in their narrow topic area.

What sets Tablo apart?

Unlike a do-it-all-yourself solution, Tablo makes publishing simple and collaborative. All formatting, layout, typesetting and printer files are done by us, not you. After publishing, your real book will be sold to 39,000 stores via Ingram's distribution — the largest network available to self-published authors.

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