You publish with Tablo by signing to a publishing plan. A plan is a single flat fee that covers all your publishing costs. Here are our plans:

  • eBook plan (USD $99/yr) to publish your book as an eBook on 35 major retailers, including Amazon.

  • Paperback plan (USD $299/yr) to publish your book as an eBook and Paperback together on 40,000 retailers, including Amazon

  • Hardcover plan (USD $499/yr) to publish, eBook, Paperback and Hardcover versions of your book together on all 40,000 retailers.

The plans cover all preparations for your book, assigning ISBNs and global distribution, and you maintain all of your royalties.

Once published, you can begin to order your copies. Copies are at author prices. We send you the prices once you're published

To order, you'd tell us how many books you'd like, and an address. We'd process the order. It takes 7-10 days for your books to arrive, depending on the book.

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