The heart of Tablo is a space to format and publish your book. It works right in your browser, much like publishing a blog or a website. There's no need to install any software, and all your work is securely backed up to the cloud.

Are you a designer? We have a PDF option. Upload a PDF, review all pages and publish to stores in three simple steps.

Publish without files

Publish with your PDF

Publish without files

Tablo requires no prior design skills. We have professionally designed book themes to customize the look and feel of your book. And all formatting, layout, typesetting and printer setup is done by us, not you. Here are the steps:

1. Add your writing to Tablo

The first step is to add your manuscript to Tablo. You have two options — upload a Word document, or copy and paste to Tablo.

Upload a Word document
If you have a Word Document, you can upload it to Tablo. Tablo will automatically recognize your chapters, and show you your book in our editor.

To help us to recognize your chapters and headings, make sure that you are using manual page breaks before the start of a new chapter, and styles for chapter titles and headings.

Copy and paste your text
It is easy to create a new book on Tablo, and copy and paste your chapters to your new book. You can copy and paste JPG and PNG images too. We will preserve any formats you've applied — bold, italics, or underline.

2. Style your text

Styling your book on Tablo is a breeze. Select a word or phrase to bring up this menu:

Next, select a style to apply:

  • Default paragraph for standard text

  • Two levels of headings to add structure

  • Two types of lists — bulleted and numbered

  • Quotes for callouts

You format text too, just as simply:

  • Bold, italic or underline

  • Insert a link

3. Add images, and split pages (if needed)

Add images using copy and paste, or click the + that appears while you are writing to add an image from your computer. More on images here →

Need to split the page? We'll decide your pages for you, after you publish. But you can manually split a page too. To insert a break, click + to open the styling menu, and choose Forced Page Break. More on page breaks here →

4. Plan your book cover

Tablo gives you options for a cover — from free to paid, and from DIY to with our help.

For our free options, you can upload your image files after you click Publish.

For our paid options, see our submission guidelines for designers or send us a message to ask about Tablo cover design services.

Questions? Read our full guide to book cover design, or send us a message.

5. Click to publish

It's time! Click the Continue to Proof at the top right. This takes you to a page where you can preview your book's actual pages. When done, click Continue to Publish.

Almost there! Now select your plan, enter your book information, upload your cover images, and enter payment information. When done, click Publish My Book.

Publish your PDF

We can publish from a ready-designed PDF of your book. You can upload your PDF, see all pages, and submit for publishing in minutes.

1. Format your interior file

Format your interior file in two steps:

Set trim size and margins
Set the size of your book and margins. Add a bleed if any of your text and images need to reach the edge of the page.

Create front, body, and back matter
Create the information to appear at the front and back of your book — such as the title pages, copyright page and table of contents.

2. Format your cover file

Format your cover file using our submission guidelines. Or send us a message with your final trim size and page count for a free template.

3. Import your files to Tablo

When your files are ready, it's time to publish! Click here to begin:

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