You’re free to choose your own book prices when you publish with Tablo. Here are two ways to decide.

1. Know your royalty estimate
2. Consider the price on similar books

1. Know your royalty estimate

You can estimate your royalty now, before publishing. This tells you the minimum you should charge for your book, and helps create a range of prices to decide from.

You need three things to calculate a royalty:

  • Price: The price you set with bookstores.

  • Bookstore commission: The wholesale discount to bookstores. Usually 40%.

  • Book cost: The cost to print each copy on our retail network. For an estimate of your book cost, send us a message.

Your royalty is your book price, less bookstore commission and book cost.

Example: If your price is $14.99, and your book cost is $6, your royalty estimate is $3.

2. Consider the price on similar books

This involves some research. Head to your local bookstore or jump online.

  • Consider books that align with yours in three areas — genre, length, and target readers.

  • Note the prices on these books, and consider the range they fall within.

  • Set a price within this range. You will avoid being too expensive for your market, or so low your readers are led to thinking your book is cheap or low quality.

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