With Tablo, your books are distributed to the largest network of online and physical bookstores available to independent authors. We offer three levels of distribution – you choose the option that's right for you.

Distribution basics

Distribution is the process that puts your book in reach of bookstores, libraries, and readers. Here are the basic steps:

1. Tablo prepares and sets up your book

  • We set up your book with our distribution partner, Ingram.

  • Next, Ingram sends information about your book out to the 39,000 bookstores, online retailers, libraries, and schools that make up its global network.

2. Your book is available to order

  • Online bookstores, including Amazon, create your book page.

  • Physical bookstores are able to see that your book is available and ready to order.

3. Placing orders

  • Any bookstore wanting stock may place a wholesale order.

  • Ordered books are printed on demand — from the global print location closest to the bookstore — and sent.



After it is approved by us, your eBook should appear on stores 12-24 hours later.

Print (paperback and hardcover)

After it is approved by us, your print book editions should appear on Amazon and Barnes & Noble within a week.

Your book will not appear available on all sites at the same time. Some bookstores receive information before others, or process the information more quickly.

Amazon will list your book in the US first before their other sites. But the sites are all linked. So Amazon UK or Amazon Australia may show in the days after your release that orders are coming from the US only. This will not last.

Stores also update book listings in stages, rather than all at once. You might find your book listed, but without a cover for now. There isn't a way for Tablo to speed up this activity. It's all very normal, and a feature of a complex industry with many suppliers, distributors and store partners.

We suggest allowing 4-6 weeks for all stores to update availability.


How does print-on-demand work for a bookstore?

Print-on-demand distribution means your book is always virtually in-stock. A bookstore can see in their inventory system that your book is available to order. After ordering, the books are printed and shipped from the closest print facility.

Can you speed up distribution?

No, there isn't a way that distribution can be sped up. How quickly an online bookstore updates their listings is ultimately controlled by the store.

Why is a store displaying an "out of stock" message?

This can happen. Each store has their own way of telling if a book is available to order, and a different way of describing availability status on their website.

Your book is printed on-demand, so it is always available to be ordered — even if a store shows "unavailable" or "out of stock". These messages are temporary. That's because our distributor is constantly updating its partners with current information about titles, so that they can update their listing and show your book as "in stock".

Can you print my book for private sale?

Yes, we can set up your book for printing and let you order copies. Your book would remain completely private and outside the distribution network, available only to you.

Can Tablo run a sale on my book?

Currently, there isn’t a way for us to support this. We can lower your book price for you. This isn't effective for a short-term promotion.

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