Books you create on Tablo are added to your My Books page. My Books is one place to view and manage your books and check their publishing status.

You reach My Books two ways:

  • When inside your book, click the Tablo logo at the top left.

  • Navigate to in your browser.

1. Manage your books

Quickly make changes on any of your books. Click a book to open it and continue writing. Your latest book is always at the top.

Or, hover over the down arrowhead beside a book to access all options:

  • Continue Writing: Click to open and continue writing your book.

  • Read on Tablo: If you've shared your book, click to view it as your followers can.

  • Delete Book: Click, then click OK to permanently delete your book.

2. Publish your book, or check sales

Dynamic buttons let you see your book's status, and quickly view sales data.

  • Publish to Bookstores: Click to publish your book. After publishing, this button updates to Your book is being proofed, then Published on 40,000 stores.

  • Sales & Insights: Click to view your book’s sales dashboard.

  • Share on your Tablo Profile: Click to share your book. After sharing, this button updates to Shared on your Tablo profile, then — if you make book changes — to Shared, and with updates ready.

3. Create another book

Start another book in one of three ways.

  • Upload PDF: Click to upload, review, and publish a finished PDF book.

  • Import Word Doc: Click to import your writing, and we will turn it into a Tablo book for you.

  • Create Book: Start a new book on Tablo from scratch.

4. Access profile & account settings

  • Click My Profile to access your public profile, and view the books you've shared.

  • Or, hover over the reading glasses to update your email, password and other account details.

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