Let's get you settled in. Here are the basics about your writing space.

1. Your book page

Your page is where you’ll write your book. Pages have three parts:

  • Header: The text that appears at the top. It can't be edited. On the left is your title, and on the right is a 1. This 1 is a placeholder only. Learn more about pages and numbering here →

  • Chapter title: The large text below the header. Click on it to make changes.

  • Page block: The space below your chapter title. It's where you'll write and format your book.

2. Move through chapters

Everything you write on Tablo sits inside chapters. We’ve created your first one for you. View your chapters in the Table of Contents at the left. Here's what else is there, from top to bottom:

  • Reorder & Delete: Click to move chapters or delete them. More on that here →

  • Cover Page: Open to upload an image of your book cover for display on Tablo.

  • Title Page: Open to change your title, or add your subtitle and author name.

  • Copyright: Open to view your book's copyright statement.

  • Chapter 1: Your first chapter. New chapters you create will appear below this one.

  • + New Chapter: Click to create a new, untitled chapter.

  • 3 words: A word counter. It updates in real-time, as you type.

3. Change print settings, add book details & try other themes

You can control all your book settings and details from one place. Click Book Settings to change your title, add authors and contributors, or swap the current themes to give your book a new look. Here's everything you can do:

  • Title/Subtitle: Click to add or change your title, or subtitle for your book.

  • Authors and Contributors: Click to add or change your author name. To acknowledge someone who contributed to your book, select a role from the dropdown options, and add your contributor's full name.

  • Book Theme: Instantly change themes. Select a new look for your book, and watch it change straightaway. You can safely swap themes till you find your fit.

  • Book Size and Margins: We've chosen a default book size and margin for you. To make changes, select the new book size or margin you need.

  • Paper Type/Print Type: Need color? Initially your book is set to print in black-and-white. If you have color images in your book, select White Paper and choose Standard Color or Premium Color ink quality.

  • Book Structure: Need a table of contents? We'll include one for you. Or not, if it doesn't make sense for what you're writing. Make your choice here.

4. Proof your book

Preview time! A proof is the second step to your book as a real book, sold in stores.

  • Click Continue to Proof at the top right. It's safe to do now.

  • A new page opens. Here you can preview your actual book's pages. Not ready to publish? Simply navigate away from this page and return to writing.

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