Your Tablo book is a place to be alone with your ideas. We've created a clean, distraction-free writing environment with one-click access to the tools you need.

1. Create a book

  • Click Create a New Book

  • A new page will appear with numbered steps to move through.

  • Give a title for your book, and scroll to step 2.

  • Now decide how you want your book to look. Pick a style that matches the tone of your book, from formal to relaxed.

  • Make your choice by selecting a book page, then click Start Writing.

2. Start writing

Your new book is ready for you. Click anywhere to start writing.

  • Click the middle of the page to start writing.

  • Click the chapter title to edit it.

3. Apply some styles

Select a word or phrase to bring up this menu:

4. Add a chapter

  • To add a new chapter, click + New Chapter in your Table of Contents.

  • A new, untitled chapter will appear.

  • Click "Enter Chapter Title" and name your chapter.

5. Upload a cover

  • To upload a cover image, click Cover Page in your Table of Contents.

  • Drop an image to the page to upload it instantly.

  • Or, click Change Cover to choose an image on your computer.

6. Add your author name

  • To add your author name, click Book Setttings.

  • Click Full Name and enter the name you'd like to be published under.

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