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Re-using and transferring ISBNs
Re-using and transferring ISBNs
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When you publish your book, you can have Tablo provide your ISBNs or you can purchase your own ISBN to use in your book. Whichever your decision, there are some important things to know and keep in mind.

A Tablo-provided ISBN can’t be transferred to your name.

Tablo-provided ISBNs are registered under Tablo's name. You can’t transfer this ISBN to your name.

You still own your content with a Tablo ISBN.

Using an ISBN from Tablo has no effect on your author rights. You will still maintain all rights over your book content.

ISBNs you bring to Tablo must be new

If the ISBN you’d like to use in your book has been used before, it can’t be used to publish again. You can use Tablo-provided ISBNs, or purchase new ISBNs to use.

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