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Why an author biography is essential, and what to include in yours.

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An author bio is one to two paragraphs about you and what you've written. It is found on a book's last pages, on its back cover, or online on its store page. New readers will expect to learn about you before they buy your book. Here are five tips for writing your best author bio.

1. Write in the third person

Write your bio as if you are writing the story of someone else.

  • By sounding like you did not write it — though this is almost never how it works — your bio will seem more professional and dependable.

  • You'll also have bio that can appear anywhere.

2. Identify yourself

In one sentence state your first and last name, and what you do.

  • The "what you do" can be your profession. This is typical for nonfiction authors.

  • If you are a fiction writer, you can mention what else you have written.

  • If you are a first time author, you can sum up the path to writing your book.

3. Explain what you write

Readers want to know if what you write aligns with their own tastes and interests.

  • Describe the type of writer you are (fiction/nonfiction) and what you write about.

  • This can be the themes you return to, or the subjects that interest you the most.

4. Mention your credentials

The places you’ve published, your degree, or your other achievements help to build readers' trust.

  • This is crucial in nonfiction, where being an authority on your subject matters.

  • You could mention accolades you've received, or milestones important to you.

  • Stick to two or three. Choose the most significant or most relevant.

5. Make it personal

Pick one or two details to reveal about yourself.

  • You might give where you live and who lives there with you.

  • Choose specific information your reader will find familiar, such as the name of your town. This will make you seem closer and more real to them.

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