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How does book distribution work?
How does book distribution work?
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No two books are the same, and so the distribution process is different each time. That said, every book follows a similar path.

Here are the key steps:

  • Create a new book on Tablo — from scratch or by importing your writing.

  • Write, edit and format your book in our book creation tool.

  • Review a proof. This happens on You’ll see all the pages in your book, laid out how they will be when the book is printed.

  • Complete our publish survey. This is when we ask you for all the details about your book that we need — such as the author bio, book description and prices.

  • Tablo prepares your files for print and sets up your title for distribution.

  • In 2-3 weeks your title will begin to appear with online retailers and to Ingram's wholesale distribution network.

  • Retailers place orders with Ingram for your book.

  • Ingram prints the books as the orders happen, and sends them to the retailer.

  • The retailer receives the books.

  • Retailers make payment on their orders, and your earnings are added to your Sales & Royalties on

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