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Order author copies

Authors can order copies of their own book at special prices.

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Author copies are discounted copies of your own book. You can first order copies once your book is prepared by us, and approved for distribution. Here's how.


Pricing for author copies is per book. The cost is between the raw print cost and the wholesale price. Discounts apply to higher quantity orders.

Delivery is a flat rate — US $29 or AU $29 for any quantity.

Placing an order

You can place an order once your book is approved, and before or at the same time it is being distributed to stores. We will reach out to you via chat or email to share your book prices.

To place an order, simply tell us two things — how many books you'd like, and an address for the order.


Payment can be taken two ways — manual or automatic.

  • Manual: We email you a Stripe invoice with a link to a secure payment page.

  • Automatic: We — via our payment provider Stripe — send a charge to your payment method on file.

Delivery turnaround

Standard delivery is 7-10 days for paperback, and 10-14 days for hardcover. Rush or priority delivery is possible. This is 3-4 days, for a 15% total surcharge.

Author copies questions

First orders

You can get author copies once your book is approved for printing. This happens before it is distributed to stores.

Pre-order and availability

You can get author copies at the same time your book opens for pre-order.


We ship your books where you need — whether that's to you, or straight to an event. Tell us your event details when you order.

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