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Rights & permissions

Know what your rights are, and what you can expect.

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We've created a clear set of publishing terms at Tablo, so you can publish confidently, with a full understanding of your rights as an author.

Author terms & conditions

All our terms are available here: We encourage you to read them carefully in full.


  • Publishing with Tablo is non-exclusive.

  • You are free to re-publish your book with another publisher β€” either at the same time or any time in the future.

Retain all rights to your work

  • You retain all rights when you publish with Tablo.

  • This means if you want to do anything with your book β€” make it available on your own website, give away copies to friends β€” you can.

Author assurances

  • You agree that you created your book, and therefore own the copyright to it.

  • Or, if your book is not all your own, you agree you have permission from the owner to publish.

  • You also agree your book does not breach anyone's privacy, infringe copyright, defame anyone, or plagiarise someone else's work.

Prohibited content

  • Your book must not advocate or lend support to crimes or heinous behaviour.

  • Also, it must not contain images of sex or explicit images with no artistic value.

Tablo's right to act as distributor

  • When you publish with Tablo, you agree to let Tablo distribute your book.

  • You also agree that Tablo will be your publisher.

  • After publishing, you can edit, update or remove anything you've published.


  • Bookstores may receive a commission for orders of your book.

  • You earn all proceeds on the sale of your book, after book print costs and bookstore commissions.

  • Royalties are paid quarterly, via the PayPal address you nominate when you publish.

Rights questions

What are your publishing terms?

All our terms are available here:

Do I sign a contract to publish with Tablo?

We don't have a traditional style of publishing contract at Tablo. Instead, we have terms and conditions. Authors are asked to agree to these before publishing.

Would Tablo own my book?

No, you maintain all your rights. That includes the right to re-publish with another publisher.

Can I publish with Amazon and Tablo?

You can. You are free to republish your book with Amazon or another publisher at any time.

Can my book contain explicit content?

Your book may include descriptions of sex or violence or other adult themes. We ask that your book does not contain explicit images, or promote violence or criminal behaviour.

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