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Print quality & proofs
Print quality & proofs

Tablo books are high-quality — in their look, feel and construction.

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Your book must look and feel great. Tablo books are indistinguishable from traditionally published books, in their cover art, printing, and the quality of the pages.

Print quality

Books are printed using high quality, acid-free, book-grade paper. As standard, the basis weight of your book's pages will be 50lb, in a cream color.


Paperback book covers are printed in full color, on bright white 80lb paper stock.

  • Book pages are glued to the spine (perfect binding).

  • The result is a compact, lightweight, easily portable book produced at low cost.


Hardcover book covers are two types — dust jacket or case wrap.

Dust jacket: The cover design is printed onto a removable dust jacket. The actual cover is constructed from stiff boards covered in grey paper, and coated with a linen-like laminate texture. Your book title is printed to the spine in gold lettering.

Case wrap: The cover design is pasted directly onto the cover boards. This is ideal for books for messy areas, like kitchens and kids rooms.


You can be sent a digital or print proof of your book. Tell us in Additional Notes when you publish if you’d like to review one. We can delay distribution until you've had a chance to inspect it.

Digital proof

  • A digital proof is a file that shows exactly how your inside book pages will look.

  • We send your proof as a PDF document, set to open in a two-page facing view.

  • The PDF is the book that will go into distribution. You can see all pages, all page numbers, a full table of contents (if your book will have one) and all chapter starts.

  • We'll also send an image of your full cover — front, back and spine.

Print proof

  • A print proof is a physical book copy.

  • Print proofs are identical to for-sale copies of your book, and include the barcode.

  • Allow 7-10 days to receive your print proof.

Paper and color options

Paper options

As standard, books are printed to book-quality 50lb paper, in cream. A 70lb weight is possible. It is more opaque than 50lb, and perfect for full color print jobs, such as children's books.

Color options

Color printing may be standard or premium. Standard is an economical choice for books with a balance of text and images. Premium is high-quality, vivid colors. It's best for children's books, graphic novels, and books where a rich color experience is vital.

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