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Publishing your book
Publishing your book

A step-by-step guide to submitting your book.

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Any book you write on Tablo can be published as an eBook, paperback book, or hardcover book. It’s in your hands. You decide when to publish, what prices to set, and which store categories your book belongs in.

There are two ways to begin:

  • When inside your book, click Continue to Proof at the top right.

  • Or, on your My Books page, click Publish to Bookstores that you see beside your book.

Approve your proof

  • Scroll to see all pages of your book, laid out exactly how they will look in print.

  • When ready, click Approve & Continue.

Select your plan

Confirm your book details

  • Title: Check your book's title, sub-title (if your book has one).

  • Author name: Check your author name. You can also add a co-author or illustrator.

  • Bookstore Description: Write or paste your blurb. This will appear on bookstore websites. Our tips for a winning blurb here β†’

  • Categories: Choose a primary and secondary book category using BISAC codes.

Share your cover files

  • Upload the book cover files you have, as JPEG or PDF.

  • Or, click the checkbox to say you'd like to publish with a Tablo-designed cover.

Prices & royalties

  • Choose your book's prices. Each format under your plan needs its own price.

  • Add your PayPal email address for receiving royalty payments.

Enter your payment details

  • Enter your billing name and address

  • Give your credit card details for your plan payment.

Publish your book

  • Take a moment to check all your book and personal details, and make sure you read and agree with Tablo's terms and conditions.

  • When ready, click Publish My Book.

Submission questions

I've published! What happens next?

Your book will be prepared by us. This takes 2-3 business days. We've emailed you just now, and we'll email you again when your book is ready.

After it is ready, your ISBNs will be assigned and your book will be distributed to the channels included in your plan. You'll be billed annually for distribution until you cancel, and can expect royalties once per quarter.

Do you proofread or edit my book?

Proofing is the step when we build your book. We put the pages together, check how they look, and decide how best to arrange the text. We number your pages and add a table of contents (if your book is to have one).

We don't read your book, or look for writing errors like typos and spelling mistakes. We do examine all the elements on a page, and ensure they are in the best possible arrangement.

Professional editors

We have qualified editors who can check your writing. To begin, email us.

  • Cost: US: $0.014c per word, starting from US $199.

  • Turnaround: Two weeks.

  • What you get: A fully-edited manuscript, and a letter from your editor on the changes.

Book proofs

Tablo can share a digital proof of your book. This is the actual PDF used to print your book, so it's exactly what your book would look like.

A print proof is also possible. Tell us in Additional Notes that you'd like a proof, and which type, and we'll reach out to you before approving your book.

Book sizes

Books are prepared in 5.5 x 8.5 inches. If you have a preference for a particular size, tell us in Additional Notes when you publish.

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