Some terminology

  • Unpublish. To make a published book unavailable for bookstores to order. An unpublished book remains on your account until you delete it.

  • Delete. To remove a book from your Tablo account. If it is published, deleting it will not unpublish it.

Unpublish a book

  • To unpublish a book, send us a message or email us.

  • When you unpublish a book, bookstores won't be able to order new copies. Stores may still sell used copies or copies that were printed before you unpublished. Your book pages on online stores like Amazon will stay live.

Delete a book

Deleting a book is permanent.

  1. Navigate to your My Books page.

  2. Hover over the down arrowhead at the right of your book’s title.

  3. Select Delete Book from the options that appear, then OK.

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