Easily add, resize and caption images, or set their alignment.

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Tablo makes it easy to add, resize, and caption images, in two supported formats (JPG or PNG). You can even align an image left or right, with text flowing opposite.

Add an image

There are a few ways to add an image to your book:

  • Click the + that appears in your left margin when you are writing, and choose Insert image. Locate the image on your computer.

  • Or, drag and drop a JPG or PNG image into your page.

  • You can also copy and paste an image to Tablo. This works for online images, or images stored on your computer.

Resize an image

  • Select your image.

  • Hover over a corner edge of your image. You'll see the pointer change to a diagonal double-headed arrow.

  • Drag out from the center to enlarge your image, or in to the center to shrink it.

Caption an image

  • Select your image.

  • Below your image, click Enter image caption.

  • Add your caption.

Align image left or right

  • Select your image.

  • Below your image, click Left aligned image to align your image left, with text flowing right.

  • Or, click Right aligned image to align your image right, with text flowing left.

Delete an image

Treat images like text. You can delete them in a few ways:

  • Select your image, and press delete or backspace.

  • Click before your image and press cmd + delete (Mac) or delete (PC).

  • Click after your image and press delete (Mac) or backspace (PC).

Image questions

Adding a second image

The + appears when you select an empty line. Sometimes an empty line can be covered up by an image. If that happens, try this:

  • Select your image, and press return or enter.

  • The text cursor appears, on a new line below the image.

Physical photos

Physical photos need to be scanned first. For this you need a high definition scanner. If you don't have a scanner, a photo place or office supplies store could scan your photos for you.

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