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Page breaks

You can force the start of a new page.

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A page break ends a page and moves your writing to the next. Use them to style your book within chapters, and control how your writing is arranged.

Why use page breaks?

  • Create a summary page at the end of every chapter.

  • Have images in a chapter appear on their own pages.

  • Feature a quote on a dedicated page in a chapter.

Add a page break

  • Click the + in the left margin that appears while you are writing. Choose Page Break from the menu.

Remove a page break

There are a few ways to remove a page break:

  • Select PAGE BREAK, and press delete.

  • Click after the PAGE BREAK and press delete (Mac) or backspace (PC).

Page break questions

Do I need to add a page break for every new page?

No, Tablo will automatically split your book's pages during the publishing process. Use a page break only when you'd like an extra level of control.

What is the difference between a page break and a new chapter?

Page breaks and chapters are both ways to start your writing again on a new page.

Use a page break to style pages within a chapter. Start a new chapter for a named section of your book, such as new poem or short story.

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